Childhood Issues

with Jeff Rose

Common situations or behaviors that are displayed in children and adolescents who likely need a counselor include:

  • Irrational fears,
  • anger outbursts,
  • low self-esteem,
  • physical and verbal aggression,
  • self-harm or suicidal ideation,
  • property damage,
  • screaming and defiance,
  • out of control behaviors to where police have had to be called,
  • lying, stealing, or cheating,
  • fire setting,
  • running away,
  • poor or failing grades,
  • acting out behaviors to including sexual promiscuity,
  • symptoms of trauma associated with events such as physical or emotional abuse or loss of a loved one, or
  • having to be placed in protective custody.


It can be very scary to see your child going through problems such as these.  I am here to help you understand the reason for these problems and implement skills to improve them in order for your family and your child to regain a sense of stability.  Call me today because I can help.

What is Working With a Therapist Like?

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