Family Counseling

with Jeff Rose

I work with families to address a variety of goals and challenges in family counseling, some of which might include:

  • Improving communication
  • Parenting
  • Managing a separation or divorce
  • Managing new life circumstances such as marriage, child-birth, fertility issues, “empty nest”, blended families
  • Frequent fighting and arguing
  • Unique sibling relationships with a special needs child
  • Stress of being both a parent and a caretaker of a parent

Communication within a family is critically important in maintaining a healthy and fulfilling life, and familiy counseling can be an important factor. Family relationships are a great source of love and friendship and the foundation for how we interact with the rest of the world. It has the potential to provide a safe haven which will allow you to feel grounded and more equipped to handle the joys and sorrows of life.

However, communication styles, attachment to our own family of origin, parenthood, finances, and everyday life often interfere and prevent these relationships from thriving. Arguments typically become repetitive, painful, and seem unsolvable. There is often a pattern or way of communicating that may not be apparent to you, but that is the real source of the tension you experience.

It is important to discover the heart of the matter so that it is easier to gain a sense of understanding and compassion for yourself and your partner. This is what will make it possible for you to develop new ways of interacting, ultimately allowing your relationship and you to evolve.

In my work with families I provide an environment where each individual can safely explore their relationship, better understand their difficulties and bring about desired change. Together we will find ways to talk, think, and work on the challenges that are creating family conflict.

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